New to acting or you have lots of previous experience? Actors List a place you're always welcome. We work on new projects & have existing clients we provide advertising media. Walk on extras, non speaking, catalogue photo shoots, production of show reels, photographic portfolios plus a fully equipped recording studio. We offer in house editing & sound crew. All working as a team gets the highest results possible. We work World-Wide so no matter where you live its worth while join Actors List Actors Wanted, Models Wanted Dancers Wanted Singers Wanted Artists Wanted. New Projects, Short Movies Art Projects, Voice overs Walk On Parts Non Speaking Extras

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Based in London UK we work Worldwide no matter where you are, if you have the talent that is required, we can arrange it from there. The best way to contact us is via whats app, or email. Our details are on this website.

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New Actors, Singers, Dancers, Artists & Sound Producers wanted, plus Graphic Artists & Photographers wanted.

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To use any of our sites you do so at your own risk. You can upload pictures & images you own. No pictures of an adult nature can be uploaded to our site. By using our sites or services states you agree to our terms & conditions, which can be sent to you free of charge by request. By using our site or services you are not under any contract unless we arrange parts, placements or acting, model work, singing, dancing or work or commissions for artists, we will submit a contract to you for you to view. We will promote our members on various sites we have. We may withdraw this service or website or websites at anytime without notice. All images uploaded to our websites are the property of the site, we cannot stop people copying images from websites. Actors, Models, Artists, Dancers or Singers under 18 years old will need a person over the age of 18 years old to come along with them to photo shoots or filming at all times. Actors and model acting actors wanted book actors and models. Actors, Talent, Newcastle, Wales, Models, Modeling, Model For Life, TV, acting, management, promotions, courses, teaching, employment, casting, show reel, extras, photo, fashion, beauty, guys, girls, photographic, all types, England, London UK, Brighton, Hampshire, Kent, Essex, Surrey, Bristol, Manchester, Maidstone, Eastbourne. We are able to work with actors & models worldwide. So no matter where you live it is possible to join us.

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